Resistance Community/Educational Screening Kit



Resistance Screening Kits
Are you with a school or organization? From non-profit advocacy groups to global corporations, from libraries to hospitals, from Universities to local moms’ groups, Resistance has been eagerly supported by individuals and organizations seeking to raise awareness about the crisis of antibiotic resistance and to improve the situation in their communities. Ordering a Resistance Screening Kit is the first step toward jump-starting community action on this problem.
The Resistance Screening Kit is required for schools, PTAs, institutions, faith groups, and other organizations. It includes the full-length (72 min) film & nearly 1 hour of bonus footage; the public screening license to exhibit the film at your institution; a custom T-shirt; access to screening materials, hands-on support from our team and other screening aids and goodies. Are you a nurse or a nursing school instructor? We are working to get the film and an associated curriculum approved for Continuing education Credit.  Sign up below to be notified about when this will happen. GET STARTED now by completing the form below. You can also email

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